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Now Is a Good Time for a Capital Campaign

Listen to this quote a friend sent me just days ago: “’The times are bad!  The times are troublesome!’” This is what humans say, but we are our times.  Let us live well and our times will be good.  Such as we are, such are our times.”  Inspiring. Instructive.  Relevant.  All that, and it was […]

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Leaving It All Behind

I woke up Sunday morning and realized Harold Camping was wrong . . . again.  Jesus did not return as the modern, misguided prophet had predicted.  Actually, I felt very secure going to sleep Saturday night.  Jesus’ statement in Mark 13:32 is clear: “No one knows about that day or hour, not even the angels […]

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Getting Ready for a Capital Campaign: 5 Things Not to Do

When getting ready for your church capital campaign avoid these 5 mistakes. Don’t fret about perfect timing. Don’t schedule conflicting events. Don’t recruit campaign leadership without input from your consultant. Don’t make public statements about financial goals. Don’t do any fundraising that siphons off sacrificial funds.

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