Tuesday, January 25, 2022 02:14

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David Page David Page

Senior Executive Coach

David Page

David Page has a passion for helping leaders and their organizations identify their goals and develop and execute strategies to achieve them.

David has over thirty years of experience with diverse organizations.  He has worked successfully with businesses both big and small, government, the military, as well as churches and Christian schools.  He consults on leadership, strategy, service, organizational change and measuring success.  He brings a unique blend of expertise and experience to Excel Ministries, Inc.

His years of service to churches and Christian schools as an Elder and Board member assure his understanding of the challenges that churches and Christian schools face today.  His MBA plus thousands of hours of consultation with leaders in the U. S. government, military, and corporate sectors equate to in-depth understanding of how key business standards, strategies, and best practices can impact organizations for greater growth. 

David's heart for the Lord and deep sensitivity make him a tremendous coach and consultant for church leaders who are serious about becoming all they can be for God.

David and Elle Page have been married for thirty years and enjoy living in Colorado.