Tuesday, January 25, 2022 01:03

Vision Study

feasibility vision study

EXCEL prefers the term "Vision Study" instead of "Feasibility Study" because to most people a feasibility study tends to imply that it's all about money.  Actually, it's all about vision.  Before we ask people if they are willing to give, it is crucial to know if they agree with the vision that is being proposed.

Certainly it is wise to discern if there is strong financial support for capital projects.  Jesus said that a person ought to sit down and count the cost before building a tower.  But the larger issue is whether the tower ought to be built in the first place.  Proverbs advises that there is wisdom in many counselors.  A Vision Study requests the input from key supporters regarding seven vital areas of concern.

An EXCEL Vision Study addresses seven main areas:

  1. Mission Clarity and Vision in General
  2. Programming Effectiveness
  3. Church/Organizational Image and Reputation
  4. Leadership
  5. Vision for Potential Capital Campaign
  6. Finances & Funding and Specific Support Levels
  7. Personal Demographic Data

Our EXCEL consultants have learned that an objective outsider actually gleans more confidential information than someone inside the organization.  People will tell our EXCEL consultants things that are crucial to the success of a future capital campaign–but they will not reveal such private information to someone who is inside the organization.

Call 866 81-EXCEL today for a quote regarding a Vision Study for your organization.   We would be happy to help you discover the "insider" information about your organization before you decide on a capital campaign.  Contact an EXCEL consultant now to discuss your special situation.