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Seven Securities Guarantee

Seven Securities GuaranteeSM


  1. You and your church people will never be subjected to any high-pressure, secular fund-raising tactic by any person employed by Excel Ministries, Inc.
  2. Your capital stewardship campaign and your continuation plan will be custom designed for your church taking into account the specific information your church leaders provide.
  3. You will meet and approve your lead consultant before you sign the contract.
  4. Your approved consultant will be a member in good standing with the Christian Leadership Alliance and he will be the lead consultant assigned to serve you throughout the entire campaign, including the Continuation Phase.
  5. You will receive a personal phone number that allows your Campaign Leadership Team to request specific help whenever needed—including evenings and weekends.
  6. You will receive regular, pro-active, follow-up contact from Excel Ministries, Inc. during the Continuation Phase of your campaign. Plus, we are available by phone, e-mail, and fax. In addition, you have the right to request, at minimum, one free visit from your consultant any time you need it during the Continuation Phase. When your pastor asks for such a visit in writing at least 30 days in advance of the requested date, it will be scheduled as quickly as the Excel consultant’s work schedule permits.
  7. Your satisfaction with the consulting services provided by Excel Ministries, Inc. is 100% guaranteed. If at any time during the Preparation or Administration Phases of your campaign you are dissatisfied, you may cancel your contract and campaign by letter and upon request receive a refund of all monies paid to date to Excel Ministries, Inc. less expenses. Such request must be made in writing to Excel and must be accompanied by written confirmation of cancellation of your stewardship campaign.

6/02; Rev. 11/03, 4/08, 1/09
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