Tuesday, January 25, 2022 02:23

Capital Campaigns

Capital Campaign Construction

A capital campaign for your church or organization may well be the largest single stewardship program you ever undertake.  You only have one chance to do it right, so let the experienced Christian professionals at Excel Ministries help assure your success.

Our record of results is strong.  While the national average for a three-year professionally led capital campaign is 1.5 to 2.5 times the annual undesignated income, by God's grace EXCEL campaigns repeatedly come in above the average.  Commitments are made by God's people after serious prayer, discussion, and soul-searching.  And many EXCEL campaigns have three-year receipt rates of 100% or more.  God honors the biblical and thorough approach that EXCEL takes.

An EXCEL campaign eliminates the seven biggest fund raising fears.  And we provide you with our "Seven Securities Guarantee" so you know your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed.  With EXCEL there is . . .

  1. NO FEAR of High Pressure
  2. NO FEAR of a Cookie-Cutter Approach
  3. NO FEAR of Getting a Consultant Who Is Not a Good Match
  4. NO FEAR of Unethical Methodologies
  5. NO FEAR of Unavailability
  6. NO FEAR of Inadequate Follow Up
  7. NO FEAR of Financial Loss