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Coaching and Consulting

Are you scratching your head over a particularly thorny issue?  Wondering what you can do and who can help?

EXCEL's experienced and professional coaches and consultants can help you right away.  Call toll-free (866 81-EXCEL) and receive a free 30-minute consultation today.  Test the expertise of our team members and discover the benefits of working with an EXCEL coach today.

EXCEL coaches can help you . . .

  • Boost ministry effectiveness and efficiency
  • Align your personal and ministry goals
  • Enhance communication with staff, lay leaders, and members
  • Simply, while doing what you do best for the Kingdom
  • Think strategically and execute effectively
  • Increase your personal and professional satisfaction in ministry
  • Sort out ministry calling and other personal issues without compromising your current ministry position

EXCEL coaches and consultants also work effectively with Non-profit and Church Boards to . . .

  • Set clear vision and/or "re-vision" a plateaued ministry
  • Decipher the complex issues surrounding possible relocaton and make a wise decision
  • Identify and correct team dysfunction in order to make your Board strong and effective
  • Educate and motivate your Board to be enthusiastic fund raisers for your organization

Wondering just how an EXCEL coach might work with your organization?  Read more here, or call or contact us to set up a free, confidential consultation with no obligation.  We want to help you!  You have nothing to lose.  Call 866 81-EXCEL today.




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