Tuesday, January 25, 2022 01:48


Capital Campaigns

Your stewardship campaign can be an exciting spiritual journey!  And with EXCEL to guide you, you can anticipate that it will be a financially effective campaign as well. 

Beyond a biblical, pressure-free approach to fund raising, you definitely want a plan that is made to fit you.  After all, your church or organization is different from the one down the block.  Why should your be forced to fit into the same campaign mold?

EXCEL's solidly biblical program is tailored to fit your specific needs.  EXCEL consultants are well-experienced and trained to listen carefully to all your concerns.  We discover your heartbeat and create a campaign to match.

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". . . incredibly flexible with us.  He knew how to provide excellent counsel and balance our unique needs with the essential elements of a successful campaign."

                                                                          –Pastor Ken Niswender, Grace Baptist Church, OR




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