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Helping You Excel in Stewardship

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Teens and Stuff

Good News:  70% of teens say their parents had the greatest influence on their attitudes about money and spending habits. Bad News:  Two-thirds say their parents didn’t teach them enough. It’s good news because it just goes to prove what we all know.  Parents are the greatest influencers with their kids.  Greater than school teachers, […]

no new stuff, stewardship, materialism
Got Stuff? Give It Away

If I can open my hands and give stuff away, I can decrease its hold on my heart. It seems to me that one of the surest ways to know whether money and possessions own me or if I own them is to exercise authority over them and send them out to do my bidding.  […]

No new stuff, stewardship, creation, materialism
The Story of Stuff

There is nothing new under the sun; therefore, I shouldn’t be surprised.  Once I got around to Googling “stuff” on the Internet, I discovered that my wife and I are not alone in this idea of embarking on a challenge to buy NO NEW STUFF. I found two guys who decided to go 6 months […]

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