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Helping You Excel in Stewardship

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Leaving It All Behind

I woke up Sunday morning and realized Harold Camping was wrong . . . again.  Jesus did not return as the modern, misguided prophet had predicted.  Actually, I felt very secure going to sleep Saturday night.  Jesus’ statement in Mark 13:32 is clear: “No one knows about that day or hour, not even the angels […]

no new stuff, materialism, stewardship
Springs and Cisterns

Growing up in Ohio, I experienced several ways to enjoy the life-giving blessing of water.  At home we had a well.  It was our source of pure, clean drinking water.  Outside by the back porch was a large cistern for catching and storing rain water which we used for washing.  Not far away some folks […]

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When You Lose It All, Is All Lost?

Yesterday, as my wife and I returned home from an appointment, we stopped on the freeway exit ramp and encountered a young man with a sign.  “Homeless. Anything Helps. God bless!”  I don’t know how long he had been on that corner, but he was all wet and his cardboard sign was soaked. When all […]

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