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Communicate the Right Things to the Right People–Idea #8

While you cannot over-communicate, you can give information to the wrong people!  You must consciously decide what information should be given to whom and choose the right channel for that communication. Make a list of all your church information channels.  Here’s a sampling to start your thinking: Website Bulletin Worship Service Verbal Announcements Pre-Worship Service […]

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Protect Your Church with Key Man Insurance

Editor's Note:  This is a guest post from Gary Brunson, a good friend of mine who has years of experience helping churches make good decisions about insurance.  A Baptist Church had a long-time pastor who was respected and loved by his church family.  While on a family vacation, he was tragically killed in a car […]

Holy Embezzlement!

How to Keep Your Church Safe Embezzlement is the most common crime committed in businesses and church (according to Raul Rivera).   And Church Mutual Insurance data indicate that 42% of the time it's the treasurer that's doing it.  While church treasurers are elected and appointed because they are apparently trustworthy people–and no doubt most are–the best […]

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