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“As a result of the efforts of Linden and others, a total of $11.2 million in commitments and gifts was raised, making this one of the most successful capital campaigns in the nation.  To date we have already received three million dollars in cash, stocks and “stuff” with 85% of our members participating."

–Alan Ahlgrim, Lead Pastor; Don Bondeson, Imagine Campaign Mgr, Rocky Mountain Christian Church

“In spite of crude oil rising, and the dollar falling, the economy slowing, and obligations increasing, our campaign was a smashing success–more than two million dollars raised within a three-year time frame.”

Jim Walters, Senior Pastor, Bear Valley Church

Excel’s campaign “is a spiritual activity, not a high-pressure, heavy-handed, guilt-producing approach to fund-raising. . . . The results were remarkable as we saw 2.4 times our annual budget committed over a three-year period.”

–Dr. John Hall, Pastor, Field Street Baptist Church

Under Excel’s leadership, our church was able to raise well over $3 million dollars in pledges for our project.  This was four times what our church had committed to give before Excel became involved.  In addition, our church had the largest offering in its almost 75-year history when we received over $500,000 on one Sunday.”

–Dr. J. Michael Glover, Field Street Baptist Church

“. . . always available to me and the other program leaders in our church.”

“. . . giving to fulfill our commitments exceeded 100%!”

“. . . commitments made in our second campaign are 30% higher than in our first campaign!”

                                                — Andy Pryor, Sr. Pastor, Northglenn Christian Church

“We achieved more than anyone in the congregation ever expected!”

–Edward A. Black, Sr. Pastor, Presbyterian Church of Broomfield

“When the final tally was done, we raised 2.6 times our annual income in pledges and first fruits offerings. (In the research that I did in our movement, the average income from their individual fund drives was 1.5 times their annual income).

–Kirk Yamaguchi, Pastor, The Vineyard of Canon City

“. . . helped our church reach a new level of commitment to being good stewards of what God has given us.”

“. . . our regularly weekly giving has increased as well.”

“As a pastor, I have been so pleased to see the spiritual growth that has come as a result . . .”

                                                — Dr. Paul Jorden, Sr. Pastor, Family in Christ Community

 “When a church builds a major building they hire a proven architect to successfully guide them through the process.  In the same way, a church is wise to hire an experienced and proven consultant to successfully guide them through the funding process.  Without reservation, I recommend Linden Kirby and Excel Ministries to help your church develop the funding plans and infrastructure to fund not only your building project but also your ongoing ministry.” 

                           —Dr. Brian Kluth, Pastor, Author, and Founder of www.MAXIMUMgenerosity.org